La création du château des comtes de Melgueil

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    Le 1er château des comtes de Melgueil est construit au Moyen-Age.

    Le Moyen-Age est une période de l’Histoire.

    C’était il y a très longtemps.

    Le 1er château des comtes de Melgueil était immense.

    Plus tard, un autre château est construit.

    C’est dans ce château que le seigneur de Mauguio habitait.

    Au Moyen Age, le seigneur est un petit souverain.

    Le seigneur possède des terres et

    protège les paysans qui travaillent pour lui.

    Les bâtiments du château ont souvent changé.

    Aujourd’hui, on peut voir de très belles décorations :

    • sur la façade du château,
    • à l’intérieur du château.

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    English translation of the panel

    The Building of the Castle

    The construction of the Castle of the Counts of Melgueil was the result of an alliance with the Counts of Toulouse at the end of the 12th century.  The primitive castle occupied an immense space including the urban complex, and ran from Gambetta street to Diderot street and Monnaie street.  It also included the mint.  The only remains of this first medieval castle are a few wall foundations dating back to this period.  The pontifical residence, which succeeded the 12th and 13th century lord's castle, most certainly corresponds to the site of the 15th, 16th and 17th century buildings.  The castle underwent major changes in the 18th and 19th centuries.  

    A remarkable rib-vaulted hall with liernes and tiercerons (types of ribbing in a ribbed vault), a vaulted corridor and an octagonal spiral staircase tower remain from the first half of the 16th century.  The west facade, with its late Gothic cross bays and modillions (ornamental elements which help to characterise the architectural style and accentuate the facade), makes this building one of the few examples of a Renaissance castle in the region.


    Plot plan of the centre of Mauguio showing some medieval landmarks such as the location of the old gates in the ramparts, the areas of housing concentration and the castle.

    - Presumed location of the castle in the 17th century.

    - Plots of land classified as historic monuments.

    - Housing linked to the Church of St James and the hospital.

    - Housing linked to the Church and the Notre Dame cemetery

    - The Mint

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